The Isle of Man government has suspended sex education at schools after a drag queen allegedly forced a student to leave class for refuting the concept of 73 genders, according to a new report from Fox News.

A petition from parents of students attending Queen Elizabeth II High School previously called for an “immediate investigation” into the curriculum. The petition was addressed to the school’s head teacher Charlotte Clarke and signed by more than 500 people.

“We consider the attendance of a ‘drag queen’ in class and alienating students clearly confused about the information discussed during this session wholly inappropriate,” the petition reads in part.

Speaking with Energy FM, Marown Parish Commissioners Vice-Chairman Eliza claimed that children as young as 11 were taught by a drag queen and told there are 73 genders. One student responded that there were only two genders, which prompted the drag queen to say, “you’ve upset me,” and ask the student to leave the class.

The representative also alleged that one group of students were taught how to perform anal and oral sex. Another group was shown how skin grafts are taken from a patient’s arm to create an artificial penis for a transgender man. Cox said some students are too “traumatized” to talk with their parents about what transpired.

The Minister for Education on The Isle of Man, Julie Edge, has said the Department of Education, Sports and Culture has made the “decision to pause all relationships and sex education (RSE) delivery across primary and secondary schools, and will be unable to comment further until the facts have been established.”

Clarke also weighed in on the controversy and said she had viewed the video from Energy FM circulating on social media related to the outcry from parents.

“Having viewed a video, which is currently circulating on social media relating to the school’s RSE curriculum and its delivery, we are concerned that there could be a number of inaccuracies with the information being shared,” she said.

“Given the concerns being raised, and in order to be open and transparent, we requested an independent review into the situation. As such I am happy to take part in the external investigation which is being deployed by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture and would encourage our community to avoid speculation at this time.”


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