Canada’s Department of Justice recently promoted its Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program on its Twitter account, calling the program a “regime” that wishes to support “autonomy and freedom of choice, while protecting those who may be vulnerable.”

Posting a “did you know?” Twitter thread, the Canadian DOJ began with a video while stating, “To receive medical assistance in dying (#MAID) in Canada, a person must meet all eligibility criteria.”

“These criteria relate to a person’s age (18+), their diagnosis, the intolerable nature of suffering, treatment options that are acceptable to them, and their capacity to make informed medical decisions.” “Canada’s #MAID regime aims to support autonomy and freedom of choice, while protecting those who may be vulnerable.”


According to TheBlaze, The government of Canada recently announced that it would be enforcing a year-long pause on a certain eligibility criteria that would allow individuals whose only medical condition is “mental illness” to receive assisted suicide.

According to a government press release, a series of Canada’s top health officials opted for the extension: “Under Canada’s current MAID law, persons suffering solely from a mental illness who meet all eligibility criteria and for whom all applicable safeguards are met would be eligible for MAID as of March 17, 2023,” the statement reads.


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