An Alabama woman who came close to death as she battled COVID-19 in the hospital for 147 grueling days believes God sent her a sign during the harrowing ordeal.

According to Faithwire, Lynn Black Owens, who spent a remarkable 47 days on a ventilator, recalls seeing a purple light in one of her dreams during the ordeal — a light she believes was a sign from the Lord.

“I believe in my heart that was God letting me know he was there with me, he had never left me, and he was going to be with me to the end,” Not all of Owens’ experiences while hospitalized and battling COVID-19 were so comforting, though, as she recalled repeatedly dreaming she had died.


“In all of my dreams, I was dead, or people thought I was dead, and I couldn’t get them to understand that I wasn’t dead,” she told the outlet. “I had dreamed that I was in a casket, and they tried to close it, and I could hear the dirt being thrown on top of it.”

WAFF stated: “My lungs were screaming for it, my brain was screaming for it, I was suffocating to death,” said Lynn Owens. Owens was in the fight for her life when she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in January.

“I didn’t feel like I could go on anymore, and I kept praying to God to let me die, just take me out and let me die,” said Owens. Owens struggled for 147 days in the hospital battling the virus.

47 of those days were spent on a ventilator. She said the fight was both a nightmare and a miracle. At one time, Owens recalls seeing a purple light in one dream which, she believes was a sign from God, and decided to publish a book with coloring pages to share her testimony.


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