(OPINION) ETH – A woman named Francine recently shared a terrifying story of how she temporarily died from an accidental drug overdose and before she could be resuscitated, she believes she experienced what the Bible describes as Hell.

Francine claims that she was tormented by demons and had a complete review of her life. Francine shared the experience on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, where she stated: “I was floating above the scene and watching them try to revive me.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by these horrible creatures that I call ‘dark angels.’ “They were speaking in a rhyme saying ‘Out of the light and into the darkness . . . ‘ The rest of the rhyme I don’t remember. “They tore at me and it was painful, ripping me to pieces until I was nothing.


We were literally flying down the halls of the hospital and out the roof. “Next, I was in a Hell and was flat on my back with bars pressing down on me. I could hear the cries of other souls and their anguish. “An evil presence questioned me for what seemed like an eternity.

It wanted to know what I believed spiritually and who I worshipped. “I was very afraid a first but became defiant and challenged their right to keep me. I told them I did believe in Jesus and I didn’t think he would hurt me. Then I was suddenly out of hell.

“The next thing that happened was an in-depth review of my life. The Beings that were with me, showed me in detail each mistake I had made in my life. “This review was so detailed that even inappropriate looks were pointed out.

I was shown how my behavior hurt others and it was my responsibility to curtail my responses and love others more fully. “Next I was in the womb of a woman. It was very peaceful until I was born. I was reminded of the evil of the world when the doctor who delivered me thought, ‘Here’s another little whore.’ “I could hear it and was so sad. After that, I lived lives, died, and was reborn thousands of times. This eternity was pure hell, I just wanted it to stop.”


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