(ETH) – A mysterious orb has reportedly been spotted in the skies over Rio de Janeiro in a village just days after an alleged UFO crash in the same area. According to a report from Express, Footage of the strange was seen hovering above a village near Rio de Janeiro sending social media into a frenzy.

According to the report, The footage, that was allegedly taken on May 18th, captured a bright white orb moving over a small village before appearing to vanish. This video was captured only days after the alleged UFO crash that took place in Mage, Brazil, and sparked online conspiracies about a “cover-up”.

This latest UFO footage, which was filmed by Beatriz Venturini, is approximately three minutes long and has already been viewed by thousands after being shared online. According to Express, Many of the viewers linked the bizarre UFO sighting to the alleged UFO crash spotted over Mage, where video footage revealed mysterious lights crashing in a nearby forest just north of Rio de Janeiro.

One viewer remarked: “I saw a similar clip from what looks the same area a couple of weeks ago somewhere, where it descends into the valley.” Another remarked that the sighting was “definitely connected” to the UFO crash in Brazil. However, one skeptic commented that the UFO appeared to look like the sun reflecting off something shiny.

The alleged UFO crash sighting that took place back in mid-May sparked a global frenzy after thousands of people reportedly witnessed the event. The mysterious lights of the UFO were captured on multiple videos from different angles and even led Magé to trend on Twitter. These mysterious objects were spotted by residents in four towns of metropolitan areas across Rio de Janeiro.

One of the witnesses named Andre Di Mauro tweeted after the sighting: “There are reports that something fell over there in a lake. But it doesn’t seem to be a satellite.” UFO enthusiasts took to social media and shared a Google Maps link of a forest in Mage that sparked claims of a Google Maps cover-up conspiracy. The satellite image revealed a white image glitch in a bizarre shape in a wooded area north of Rio de Janeiro.

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