(WJLA) – A WPMI report uncovered a terrorist compound right here in Alabama. A federal search warrant WPMI obtained says this compound was similar to the terror cell’s desert compound in New Mexico that was raided last summer. Siraj Wahhaj and four others are now facing federal terrorism, kidnapping and firearms charges. The property in question is located 6 miles from downtown Tuskegee. Drone footage we shot shows what the federal search warrant described as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course”

consisting of “five-gallon buckets with chain link fencing over the top.” The search warrant says it “resembled an obstacle course similar to what the military uses to low crawl.” Agents from the FBI Mobile field office also conducted aerial surveillance and says in its search warrant that the structure on this sight was “designed” the same way as the one in New Mexico. Both were “surrounded with hundreds of vehicle tires, assorted trash, and both structures have wooden pallets with clear plastic tarps draped over them.” READ MORE


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