(CBN) – While Israelis were dodging hundreds of rockets from terrorists in Gaza last weekend, Christians were praying for their safety with the help of the Red Alert: Israel app. Red Alert provides real-time alerts every time a terrorist in Gaza fires rockets, mortars or missiles into Israel. Many Christians use the app as a call to prayer every time they hear it go off.N”I have the Red Alert app on my phone and watch the alerts as they come in,” Pastor Trey Graham of Texas told Breaking Israel News. “They often wake me up in the middle of the night.”

When he hears the alarm, he takes the time to pray. “I pray for the protection of the innocent victims in their homes,” Pastor Graham said. “I pray for the IDF soldiers who will be fighting. I pray for the evil terrorists to be defeated. I pray for Israel’s leaders to make bold and wise decisions. I send messages of encouragement to friends who live in these areas under attack. I answer questions from American Christians who see news reports and want to learn more details.” Many people urge their followers on social media to download the app and pray for Israel. READ MORE

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