OPINION (Todd Starnes) – Central Park School for Children in North Carolina held a week-long celebration of gay pride where they are urging boys and girls to liberate themselves, journalist A.P. Dillon said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.  Recently, the charter school hosted a Pride and Liberation Event for boys and girls in grades K through 8. The children will be learning all about the LGBTQ movement – from drag queens to something called queer history.

The drag queen – known as Justin Clapp – is an advocate of something called anti-transphobia. And he says anyone who feels uncomfortable around a drag queen is a bigot. “We put forward a social justice bent, with a focus on humor, enthusiastic consent, antiracism, antitransphobia, antimisogynyjust basically trying to create an environment for everyone. And I think anyone who has been to our shows has felt comfortable, unless they are a bigot,” Clapp told IndyWeek in 2018.  READ MORE


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