OPINION (FaithWire) – A group of Canadian doctors has insisted that a 13-year-old does not need her parent’s consent before being injected with hormones that will aid her gender transition. The girl in question was attending a school district in Delta, British Columbia, when her father found out that administrators were treating his then-12-year-old as a boy. Unbeknown to the dad, Maxine had now become “Quinn” at the advice of her school counselor, with the district adamant that it was following official policy laid out in the BC Ministry of Education’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Policy. 

Under this policy, they said, Maxine’s father had zero right to know anything about his own daughter’s “preferred sex, gender, or name” while at school. At this, Maxine’s dad was understandably concerned. He noted that his daughter had struggled to cope with her parents’ 2013 divorce, and had since endured periods of depression. Maxine’s dad thought it possible that this transgender phase was simply an additional coping mechanism that his daughter had employed to cope with her emotional trauma. Indeed, she had previously gone through a temporary lesbian phase. READ MORE

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