OPINION (Charisma) – In today’s world, humanity is desperately seeking someone with a strong hand to take the helm and bring about world peace—a leader who has the ability to compromise and appease every faction to stop all the madness. But what character traits are truly needed to navigate the currents of public opinion that shape the world in which we live? For the past 2,000 years, people have anxiously tried to analyze who the Antichrist might be and when he might be revealed, says author and pastor Mark Biltz in

advance of his soon-to-be-released book, Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times: What the Bible Says and What the Future HoldsBut, Biltz says, if people aren’t careful, they can get caught up in the debate—or worse, even be deceived. Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times takes an in-depth look at some of the deepest questions surrounding the Antichrist. And to complicate matters, Biltz says, we now live in an era when, for the first time, an artificial intelligence Antichrist—perhaps a human-computer hybrid that will demand to be worshipped—is possible. READ MORE


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