(TRT World)  – The effects of climate change and water scarcity in the Middle East will only get worse, and there may not be a way out. Here are seven reasons why. The Middle East is quietly heading towards the largest natural disaster in human history, and there’s nothing it can do about it.

1) Ignored warnings – 
In 2015, a report by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation quietly warned of a bleak, water-scarce future for the Middle East. It highlighted climate change, erratic weather, and the utter lack of water sustainability in the Middle East, made all the more dangerous by “high degrees of reliance on agriculture, and low adaptive capacities.” With only 2 percent of the Middle East covered by water, and 94 percent vulnerable to climate change, its very future is at stake. Three years later, the situation has only become more bleak, as water increasingly becomes a coveted and politicized resource. FULL REPORT