(By Movieguide) An extensive article by Daily Mail U.K. reports that mothers across London note substantial changes in their children’s behavior. Why the noticeable shift? The popular video game Fortnite seems to be the root of the problem.  One 9-year-old girl was even sent to rehab. “Parents sought help after finding her playing the game in the middle of the night, sat on a urine-soaked cushion, as she had been too engrossed to go to the toilet.”

A 15-year-old boy was hospitalized. Fortnite “left him unable to go to school for a year and needing vitamin D tablets because of a lack of sunlight.” A mother states of her son, Luke, “He was such a lovely boy, but this game has turned him into a nightmare.” Why all the chaos? The premise of the game is survival of the fittest. Gamers are dropped into a location of their choosing, into a preset map and urged to survive. Guns and other life are available throughout play, encouraging gamers to stay alive as long as possible. READ MORE