Wildlife experts said the 93 tonnes of dead fish were piled up in 28 different clusters – some of them 12 inches thick.  A spokesman for the regional NGO Ecological Watch of Sakhalin said: “The death scale of the Pacific herring in Piltun Bay is enormous. “The death of such an amount of uneven-aged fish of the same species is an abnormal event, and it may be a question of the destruction of a large part of the

population of the herring of the bay.”  The cause of death is still being investigated and samples have been sent to the Russian capital city of Moscow for testing.  Social media users were just as baffled as experts as to what caused the disaster. One said: “This is awful. This is some sort of a herring genocide. I really wonder what happened to them.” Another wrote: “Dear friends, words fail me! What happened there?” Some suggested the massacre might have a dramatic effect on fish prices in supermarkets. READ MORE