Bizarre new footage has emerged from Cleveland, Ohio, US, that shows a CCTV recording of one of these mysterious occurrences.  Residents say they have become accustomed to these activities but this one left many scared as pieces of their home started breaking. Homeowners say the noises come from below the surface as floorboards shake – but no earthquakes or natural occurrences were reported at the time. And so now the event has got conspiracy theorists speculating whether there is a secret government

programme running underground.  Some have even likened the idea to the 2005 hit movie War Of The Worlds, where an invasion strikes after aliens have been preparing underground for hundreds of years. The theory goes on to document that these incidents were first reported in the west of the country and have now spread to the east. They were first recorded in Arizona and have since also been captured in Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Rhode Island. READ MORE