An evangelist says he was kicked out of his New Jersey gym when he laid hands on a man and prayed for his pain to go away in the name of Jesus.  Craig Fasler, the senior evangelist with Christian Equippers International, says he saw a man in pain in the locker room and asked if he could pray for him. The man agreed, and Fasler “spoke to his muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones and commanded that they be healed. I bound all pain, and stiffness, and loosed flexibility, strength, and elasticity. I thank You, Jesus, for healing him.


“I prayed three to four times as the healing came progressively until he was completely freed of pain,” Fasler tells Charisma News. “He was very grateful.” When an employee overheard Fasler had been praying, Fasler says she said she was an atheist and offended at the prayer. The worker reportedly told Fasler, “You are not allowed to speak about religion here. I am an atheist, and you are not allowed to talk about religion and mention the name Jesus in here.”  READ MORE