Vladmir Putin has ordered a second high-profile test of the world’s most unstoppable nuclear missile – the Satan 2 – capable of WIPING OUT Britain three times over with one blast.  The shockingly deadly missile is more than 3000 times more powerful than the bomb which leveled Hiroshima – and it is virtually undetectable. As Russia faces condemnation across the planet for the state-sponsored act of

terror on the streets of Salisbury, the test is being seen as a clear and hostile message of war to the world. Putin and his cronies have reacted to evidence Russia ordered the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury by raising tensions with barely veiled warnings of military action. And the latest is the testing of the terrifying ‘Satan 2’ – formally known as an RS-28, which makes all Russia’s existing nukes look like firecrackers. READ MORE


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