A grocery chain in the United Kingdom has drawn media attention for selling gender neutral Mother’s Day cards to make the day more “transgender inclusive.”  Waitrose, an upscale grocery, stocked transgender-friendly cards among its selection for Mother’s Day s, which was March 11 in the U.K. Some examples of gender-inclusive card slogans and greetings include:

  • “Happy You Day.”
  • “Two Mums Are Better Than One.”
  • “Dad, thanks for being the most amazing mum.”

After The Times of London published an article March 9 on this news, Waitrose removed the cards from its website. Transgender rights campaigner Karen Pollock is credited with the push for such cards. Pollock says she is looking for ways to make Mother’s Day more gender-inclusive. She also suggests the name of the holiday be changed to “Mothering Sunday.” READ MORE