Changes to China’s constitution creates controversy and paints a picture of a neo-fascist regime as Xi’s cultural revolution enforces loyalty to China alone, and lengthens his presidential term length indefinitely. A surveillance state is on the rise and censorship at an all time high,…  Since his time in office began, Xi Jinping has already been added to the constitution of China by more than 2,300 delegates who voted to enshrine “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a


New Era” into the party’s constitution. The addition of that phrase effectively means that Xi’s vision for China is officially part of state doctrine.  Until now, the Chinese Communist Party has added only one leader, Mao, to the constitution while he was alive. The party added Deng’s name and vision for China to the constitution after he died in 1997. This means an enormous centralization of power for Xi and his Party over China’s economy and society. READ MORE