When Samiha Tawfiq Awad and her husband Qalini went to church Sunday morning December 11, 2016, they didn’t expect to come face to face with death. The couple did what they did every Sunday – go to St. Peter’s church in Cairo, Egypt and worship the Lord according to the Coptic traditions of their ancestors. All of that suddenly changed when a terrorist ran into the church just before 10 a.m. and blew himself up.

Qalini called out to his wife in the panic and destruction but didn’t find her until hours after she was taken to the hospital. “She won’t survive,” the doctors told him. The bomb blast killed 25 people and severely disfigured Samiha’s face, yet she defied the doctors who expected her to die and miraculously survived. Samiha has since fully recovered and is back home with her husband. “The doctors might’ve given up on Samiha, but God had another plan!” Qalini later told Open Doors. READ MORE