Israel warned Syria and Iran Saturday morning that their attempts to escalate the situation in the north will bring the full force of the IDF upon them. “Iran and Syria are playing with fire,” the army said in a statement.“The IDF acts with determination against the attempt of the Iranian-Syrian attack and the violation of Israeli sovereignty. The IDF is prepared for a variety of scenarios and will continue to act as necessary.” Syria’s involvement shows that it has chosen to interfere in the Israeli-Iranian incident, the

IDF statement said, “the Iranian mask has been removed. It is clear that they are using Syria as a launchpad for activity against Israel.” The statement added that Israel does not seek an escalation, but will exact a high price if the enemy does. Syrian state news agency SANA said on Saturday that Syrian air defenses were responding to a “new Israeli aggression” and a military source said the defenses had thwarted attacks on military positions in the south of the country. READ MORE