A terrifying mutant fish believed to have been contaminated by radiation from space rocket tests has been caught by fishermen in Russia. Alexey Volkov, 25, was left reeling when he caught two sinister “underwater dragons” with a frightening faces, sharp teeth and multiple horns. The angler, who caught the bizarre pike from Siberia’s River Irtysh was bemused by the apparently mutated creatures. Volkov

has no idea why the pike, which was pulled from the river last autumn, sprouted monstrous horns on the tops of their heads. But one theory put forward by locals suggests radioactive debris from space rockets launched at Baikonur Cosmodrome in neighboring Kazakhstan could be to blame. “I was impressed with the catch,” said Volkov, from Tara, a small town in Omsk Oblast, Russia “The fish were 14kg and 7kg. “They had horns bent back towards their tail. READ MORE