Dr. Julius Zant, a respected retired neurosurgeon-turned-pastor who was attacked by an armed man who threatened to kill him inside a Maryland church as he conducted a Bible study with his parishioners last Thursday, bravely fended off the robber by invoking the name of Jesus.  “He has this black holster and it looked like it had a gun in it, and he’s demanding this and one of the ladies actually took out her phone and [p]ut it on the table,” Zant told ABC 47 of the robber who ordered him and his flock to hand over their phones and money.

“I stood up and said, ‘No, we’re not having this. We’re not doing this.’ And I walked around and walked up to him and said, ‘Leave in Jesus name,'” Zant said. The incident took place at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Princess Anne. The church’s rector, Fr. Robert Laws, told The Christian Post on Thursday that Zant’s church, the New Life Apostolic Church, rents space from the parish to conduct the weekly Bible study sessions. “I think that when I told him that we were here worshipping God, that he changed. His demeanor changed, and it was as if an awareness came to him that perhaps this wasn’t the right thing for him to do,” Zant explained. MORE