(By Meg Marie Wallace) A small town church, filled with families…with Bibles in hand, voices raised in unison, praying corporately in pews, in worship together on a calm, quiet, routine Sunday morning… A holy setting absolutely shattered as a barrage of bullets rang out. Shots and screams filled the solemn sanctuary. The calm and peace replaced with chaos, shock, and horrifying terror. This, right on the heels of last month’s Vegas tragedy.

Gunfire has cut down people at movie theaters, concerts, churches, nightclubs, schools, and offices. Yet another nightmare. Yet another tragedy. Yet another story of innocent bloodshed. Yet another headline of another madman implanting hell on earth. These past few months I have been reading to my kids the Chronicles of Narnia series. In The Silver Chair we read about a young girl being sent on a mission, a great assignment, by the great lion, Aslan, himself. The air between them is still, clear, and crisp. His commands and warnings are gentle, concise, simple, and direct. CONTINUE