World-renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is launching an ambitious effort to win 150 million souls for Jesus Christ in the next 10 years. Dubbed “Double Harvest Decade,” Bonnke, founder of Christ for All Nations (CfAN), announced the effort on the opening day of a five-day crusade in Lagos, Nigeria. “In 1987 we first began counting our individually signed, salvation-decision cards and, to date, we have reached over 76 million souls,” claimed a new Christ for All Nation’s website dedicated to the campaign.

“That’s three decades of ministry averaging 25 million souls per 10-year span and we’ve been praising the Lord and giving Him all the glory,” CfaN said. Now, at 77, Bonnke says God has given the ministry a new goal: “The Lord has now commissioned us to mark the next 10 years as the ‘double harvest decade’ and move forward to 150 million souls saved.” READ MORE