According to recent reports, Hurricane Ophelia just produced the largest individual wave ever recorded off the Irish coast, which measured 58.4 feet! This measurement was recorded off the coast of Ireland! The M5 buoy off the southeast coast of Ireland recorded one individual wave reaching an amazing 17.81 m (58.4 feet) on Monday, October 16, 2017.This is now the biggest wave ever recorded off the Irish coast.

The record wave was created by Ex-hurricane “Ophelia” on Monday, October 16, causing one of the five weather buoys to break its moorings.bThe record-breaking wave recorded off the Irish coastline at 16.00 on Monday measures 17.81m (58.43 feet). The M5 weather buoy subsequently broke away from its mooring. The M5 was recovered October 17 by the MV Puffin of Fastnet Shipping (Waterford) and brought ashore. The world record for significant wave height is 19 m (62.33).  READ MORE


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