EDITOR’S NOTE: The following report uses the term “ghosts” but in reality, it is demonic spirits.

Uncover the terrifying truth about where you live by putting your postcode into our paranormal map of Britain…if you dare! Our database is crawling with thousands of spine-tingling real-life tales of ghost-sightings across the nation. All you have to do to reveal the scariest stories from your area is to put your postcode into the search engine below. Perhaps the ghost of a murdered landlady stalk the corridors of your local pub – or maybe a monk wanders around the cemetery near you at night?

Site boss Darren Mann, 44, from Suffolk said the number of sightings has stayed consistently high over the past two decades. He added: “I’ve had police officers reporting ghosts in their stations, bizarre beasts stalking through woodland, staff bumping into strange shadow people in shops and more. “Many of these ‘paranormal’ events become the new ‘normal’ for some witnesses.” READ MORE