(By Duthsinse) Over the past 24 hours, there has been a significant increase in seismic activity across the Southwest Pacific, as well as new swarms of earthquakes breaking out along the West Coast of the United States (California). The increase in earthquake activity has been noted around the areas South of Fiji, extending across the Kermedec Islands, towards Northern New Zealand, as well as near Guam yet once again. Additionally, multiple new deep earthquakes struck in the West + East Pacific (Papua New

Guinea, Malaysia, and Bolivia South America).  Why do deep earthquakes matter?  Each new deep earthquake can add power, and carry on the time/length of the “deep earthquake event” taking place over the past several days. The largest of the deep earthquakes was a Magnitude 6.7 over 500km below the surface, located in an area under the plate called the “Asthenosphere”.  In this region, we have seen deep earthquakes cause shallower larger earthquakes within approximately 10 days or less from the deep event occurring. CONTINUE