EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article suggests that the general population should begin phasing out the traditional Social Security numbers as our form of identification. The real question is, What will they suggest to be used to replace them with? Is this yet another precursor to the coming “Mark of the Beast” that is coming to identify humanity with a name, a mark or a number to buy, sell or trade?

Rob Joyce, the White House cybersecurity czar, said on Tuesday that the government should end using the Social Security number as a national identification method. “I believe the Social Security number has outlived its usefulness,” said Joyce, while speaking at The Washington Post‘s Cybersecurity Summit. “Every time we use the Social Security number, you put it at risk.” One problem with the Social Security number, he said, is that a victim of identity theft cannot get it changed after it has been stolen. Joyce’s comments come a month after the Equifax hack, in which hackers gained access to the Social Security numbers of as many as 143 million Americans. FULL STORY