Worship and prayer tents line the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in the very same spots where millions have gathered in previous years to cry out for change. This time, though, these tents are spiritually charged with the presence of the Lord. Shofars sound. Millennials jump in praise. Hands raise. Messages in tongues are spoken so unashamedly that anyone walking by can hear. There is a tent

from each state and then some for a total of 58. Each has an “Appeal to Heaven” banner hanging proudly while people openly rebuke principalities and break strongholds. This is Awaken the Dawn. Will Ford, Mike Berry, Larry Tomczak, Doug Stringer, Dick Eastman and Nick Hall are just some of the men and women who prophesied and declared hope and revival from a stage positioned in between the Washington Monument and our nation’s capitol building. It’s hard to gauge an attendance count, as people mill about 24-7 to encounter the Lord. READ MORE