A popular graduation tradition at California’s Camarillo High School is about to come to an end because – well – because the grownups who run the school district are morons. For as far back as anyone can remember graduates wore gowns reflecting the school colors. The guys wore navy blue gowns and the gals wore blue gowns. But that tradition just got deep-sixed for the sake of gender inclusivity – and now graduates will only be allowed to wear one color that represents all genders. “This is a very big national

initiative,” Oxnard Union High School District Supt. Penelope DeLeon told the student newspaper. “It is not about gender equality as much as it is about being respectful to everybody’s choice to select a gender or not to select a gender, and we have students who choose not to.” Wait. What? So, kids now have the option of being genderless? Is that the latest fad among the sex and gender revolutionaries? READ MORE