NFL players protesting during the national anthem Sunday are getting a lot of coverage in the media. Although free speech and the right to protest are central to Americans’ freedoms, it seems not all protests are considered equal by the media,¬†according to some industry observers. They believe there’s a double-standard at work and the media is largely ignoring protests centered around key faith-based issues such as religious freedom and the sanctity of life. “The first example that comes to mind is the other NFL player who liked to kneel. That’s Tim Tebow,” Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center explained.

“The media skewered him, the NFL didn’t support him, ESPN went after him…the press was all after him. And basically, he got chased out of football.” “Then you flip it around to Colin Kaepernick…his protest is, of course, the opposite side,” he said. “He, of course, is protesting about politics and is notable because he is in support of Fidel Castro and he wore the socks that were the ‘cops are pigs’ socks. And naturally, the media love it.” READ MORE