A self-proclaimed atheist high school graduate is suing her alma mater in Colorado, alleging teachers sabotaged her grades and chances for college admission due to her lack of religious beliefs. Cidney Fisk, 19, graduated from Delta High School in Delta in 2016. In her lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Denver, she claims her Constitutional rights were violated.  “Not only did they change her grades, they took away her recommendations and they ostracized her,” her attorney Jeffrey Springer

told FOX31 Denver. Fisk says during her enrollment, there was an instance where Bibles were made available to students during the school day. She also said a teacher told her “God gave babies life and abortion is murder” when she was protesting Colorado’s Personhood Amendment in 2014 on school property. “Defendants retaliated upon plaintiff Fisk, threatened, punished and censored her, for expressing her opinions on religion, abortion, sex education, and drug education,” the lawsuit reads, according to Reuters. READ MORE