Pro-lifers are denouncing a pregnant young woman on Twitter who threatened to abort her baby unless she got 4,000 retweets on Twitter, regardless of whether it’s a real threat or not. LifeNews wrote on Tuesday that whether it’s a hoax or not, the post from Twitter user Saipanting, who said she is four months pregnant, last week highlights the need for stricter abortion laws in America.

“What if it was real? Basically every state in America allows abortions for any reason up to 20 weeks, and several still allow abortions up to birth for any reason, including something as trite as a social media post,” the pro-life website commented. “And this is what abortion activists fight for – abortion on demand. Now, they are fighting for taxpayer funding of abortions in America, too, so that women not only can abort their unborn babies for any reason but also have the deadly procedure paid for by taxpayers.” MORE