You only have to look at today’s headlines to see that history is speeding up and the world is moving closer to an end of days scenario, a popular Israeli rabbi said. In anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21 and the alignment of stars and planets in September, CBN News asked historian and Rabbi Ken Spiro what Judaism has to say about the relation of celestial events to prophecy and the coming of the Messiah. “We’re only a few headlines away from direct

convergence of that biblical end of days scenario with the headlines in the news today,” Spiro told CBN News. But the question is not so much about what’s happening in the sky as what’s happening on the ground.”God is always speaking to us,” Spiro said. “It’s a fundamental belief in Judaism that everything that happens in the world is for a meaning and there’s a message hidden in there somewhere, even in astronomical phenomenon.”  READ MORE