Chicago startup is offering a handy new way to pay for coffee, food and even clothing at retailers. In fact, your hand is all you’ll need to make purchases using technology from Keyo, a biometrics payment company. It allows you to pay by just hovering your palm over a scanner at the store — replacing cash, cards and phones in transactions. Each Keyo account is linked to a credit or debit card. Users register online, then complete the setup by scanning their palm print at a merchant using Keyo.

During future visits to any Keyo terminal, a touchless scan of the hand and a tap of a screen to approve a payment completes the transaction. No personal payment information is transmitted to the stores. Palm scans are deleted if the account isn’t used in a year. CEO Jaxon Klein said the technology takes the convenience of mobile payments and digital wallets while eliminating the need to pull out a smartphone. READ MORE