Lightning strikes happen in completely random places, right? Perhaps not.  A painting of Jesus in The Holy Apostles Orthodox Christian Church in Bixby, Oklahoma was hit by lightning in a recent storm. But the picture of Christ was unaffected, and the only thing damaged was the word, “death” in a verse surrounding the circular image.  “The damage didn’t touch the face of the Lord,” said Father Ambrose Arrington according to KJRH news. “It damaged the image but it

didn’t actually touch the Lord’s face. If you look at the script, the text around the icon, it’s from Psalm 119. ‘He looked down from the height of His sanctuary to hear the groaning of the prisoner to release those appointed to death.'”  The storm hit August 6, ironically, the same day the orthodox churches observe the feast of the transfiguration of Christ – a celebration of Jesus showing his disciples his divine nature. Hymns are a part of the celebration. CONTINUE