Typhoon “Nesat” made landfall in an urban township of Su’ao in Taiwan’s northeastern county of Yilan at 11:10 UTC (19:10 local time) on Saturday, July 29, 2017 with maximum sustained winds around 130 km/h (81 mph), producing massive waves of over 15 m (49.2 feet) and dropping very heavy rain. This is the first tropical cyclone to hit Taiwan this year. Offices and schools across the island were closed ahead of the storm, and several parts of Taiwan announced

continued office and school closures on Sunday. Traffic was severely disrupted, with many international flights canceled or delayed. Around 350 flights were canceled or delayed on Saturday. According to Focus Taiwan, a total of 570,979 homes were left without power, more than 10,000 were evacuated and at least 109 people injured, mostly by falling objects or in car accidents, as Nesat marched through the country. Up to 584.2 mm (23 inches) of rain were measured in the southern region of Pingtung. READ MORE