Former Spice Girl Geri Horner (formerly Halliwell) is speaking out about a blessing she believes God bestowed upon her after she struggled to conceive her second child and turned to prayer for help. Horner told the Toronto Sun in a recent interview that she decided to appeal to God one day when she was uncertain whether naturally conceiving her baby with husband Christian Horner would be possible. She’s 44 and wasn’t quite sure if having another kid would even be possible.

“Bluebell, my daughter, said to me, ‘Please don’t give up,’” Horner said. “Sometimes in life, when our back is against the wall, you suddenly think, ‘Maybe I’m not running the show here, maybe there’s something bigger than myself.’” So, the ex-Spice Girl whose stage name was “Ginger” said she decided to turn to prayer and ask God for some help. “I actually said a prayer. I went, ‘God, if you exist, then I’ll have a baby naturally.’ READ MORE