Here a compilation of 7 strange weather phenomena that baffled meteorologists this week. And there are more to come. The final full week of July has featured several unusual weather events. Among them are several rainfall extremes, strange tropical cyclone interactions, and out-of-season conditions. A downpour that had a 0.1-percent chance of happening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Harrisburg International Airport received 4.27 inches of rain in a single hour, from 5:56 to 6:56 p.m. EDT. A rainfall event of this magnitude in Harrisburg has just a 0.1-percent chance of happening in a given year, according to NOAA.

This now stands as the wettest July day on record, and the fifth-wettest day overall for any month of the year at that location. This downpour was extremely localized. Harrisburg’s Capital City Airport, just a few miles to the northwest, saw less than a half-inch of rain during the same evening. Third time in 140 years: Rain in downtown Lor Angeles on July 24 A trace of rain was recorded in downtown Los Angeles on July 24. Only three other times in history has any rain been observed there on July 24. A trace was also recorded on July 24 in 1954, 1941 and 1910. CONTINUE