Just as health departments across the nation are warning that this year’s milder winter bring an especially high threat from ticks in the spring and summer, federal health officials say two new cases of a tick-borne illness that kills 1 in 10 infected have been reported in Maine.  WND reported last month the Centers for Disease Control warned of the emergence of a far deadlier tick-related virus than Lyme Disease that kills 10 percent of those infected and permanently

disables another 50 percent.  It’s called POW for short, or Powassan, and it, like Lyme, is carried by deer.  According to a Fox News report, the cases in Maine bring that state’s count of infections to nine since 2000.  The patients were not identified by the CDC, but officials said the concerns are legitimate because the virus differs from Lyme disease in that it can be transmitted through a tick bite in only minutes. READ MORE