A Missouri schools superintendent has apologized after a prayer he recited during a commencement speech Saturday sparked criticism.  “If my behavior was offensive to anyone then I am truly sorry,” Willard Public Schools Superintendent Kent Medlintold the Springfield News-Leader after learning of the backlash on Monday. “I in no way wanted to offend anybody. That was not my intention.”

Mr. Medlin said he gave a speech using the acronym GUTS, of which the first three letters stood for grit, understanding and teamwork. The S, he said, stood for “my savior.” He said he concluded his speech by inviting attendees to stand while he recited a “blessing” for the graduating students, The Blaze reported.  Four students contacted the News-Leader about the speech, saying they felt marginalized and pressured to stand against their beliefs. They said they planned to contact the American Civil Liberties Union for help. READ MORE