(Reported By Michael Snyder) If a husband goes to a strip club without his wife and spends hours watching other women dance around naked, would that be considered cheating? Of course the answer is yes, but I was astounded when I came across a recent survey that found that only 37 percent of evangelical Christians agree with me. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that the same survey found that only 31 percent of evangelical Christians believe that “watching pornography without your partner” is cheating.

Numbers like these make me wonder exactly what is being taught in our churches these days.vIn America today, most ministers are extremely hesitant to preach hard messages about “right” and “wrong” because there is fear that some people might get offended. But when morality is not taught, all sorts of crazy things start happening. For example, there is a “devout Christian couple” down in Florida that claims that they are “spreading the gospel” by having sex with other couples. Dean and Christy Parave are convinced that their unusual “lifestyle” enables them to share Christ with those that “might otherwise never hear about Jesus”. CONTINUE