The growth of Islamic extremism helped make 2016 the worst year ever for Christian persecution. For example, Christians in a predominantly Muslim region of Central Asia risk almost daily harassment for sharing the Gospel. Artur, not his real name, is from Uzbekistan.”I am called to be a witness for Christ, but that has been a dangerous calling,” he told CBN News. And he’s not alone. If you are a Christian living in any of the five former Soviet Republics of Uzbekistan,

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan or Turkmenistan, you can expect intimidation, harassment — or worse — jail time, for telling others about their faith. Maksim lives in northern Tajikistan. “When the authorities discover someone has converted to Christianity, they will gather relatives, friends and family of the accused and bring him or her before an Islamic Council of Elders,” Maksim said. READ MORE