(By Shane Idleman) A parable is a simple story conveying a moral or spiritual lesson. We often don’t like direct confrontation; thus, God uses parables to open our eyes. Self- examination is very healthy. I recently heard a contemporary parable that is also a true story. A young girl, devastated by the choice her father made to leave her family for a younger woman, had a nightmare following his announcement. She dreamed that she, her mother and sister all died in a horrific car accident. When she told her dad about the dream, he simply replied, “I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad it was only a dream.”

Her response shattered his soul: “Dad, right before we were hit, I looked through the window and saw that you were driving the other car.” This broke the man. He repented and restored his marriage. Some of you reading this may need to examine yourself. This may be exactly what you’re doing to your family. But pride and spiritual blindness are preventing you from seeing it (men and women). READ MORE