The recent release of the revised edition of the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” has stirred parents up around the Nation! More and more parents are becoming aware and alarmed by what their Children are influenced by¬†on television. A recent a recent shock report from The Parents Television Council reported¬†the harm TV can have on children, including: sex, violence and profanity. The organization’s program director Melissa Henson told CBN News the research dates back 60 years.

Henson said, “Kids are impacted in the real world by the entertainment that they are consuming.” She went on to state that “The largest body of research shows that violent entertainment, for example, can lead to violent behavior in children or aggressive tendencies, but there is a more recent body of research that is linking sexual content on television to sexual behavior in children.

And what they are finding is there is a direct relationship between a child’s exposure to sexual content on TV and the likelihood that they are going to be engaging in sexual activity at a younger age.” As I have always preached many times our ears and eyes are like gates to gain access to the entrance of our hearts. This is why as parents we must not only be diligent to guard our own hearts but be diligent to guard those of our children!