For decades we were losing teenagers to drug addiction, but now we have come to 2017 where it may not be drugs that are the concern to turn your teenager into a walking zombie! According to recent studies, Teenagers are constantly stimulated and entertained by their computers and phones as the replacement. This has come during a time when smartphones and tablets have exploded over the same period that drug use has declined.  The Scientists involved in this study suggest that interactive media appears to play to similar impulses as drug experimentation which include sensation-seeking and the desire for independence.

One individual named, Nora Volkow who is the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, says she plans to begin the research on this particular topic in the next few months and will convene a group of scholars in April to discuss it. I know from my own observation it does appear that Smartphones appear to have turned most of society into “Walking Zombies.” Just look around and pay attention when you go out shopping or out to eat. Many times you will sit at restaurants and watch families not even interact with one another but instead, everyone will have their faces buried in their phones!