(By David Benham) Dr. Elton Trueblood, the former chaplain for Stanford and Harvard universities in the early 1900s, was once asked what the church in America would look like in the last half of the 20th century. His answer was prophetic. He said, “By the year 2000, Christians in America will be a conscious minority surrounded by an arrogant, militant paganism.” Today, we are here, which is why we believe Christians should prepare for one of two things: Christ’s return or a sweeping global revival.

One thing we should not prepare to do is retreat into ourselves and wait this paganism out—because the same rising tide of evil that makes cowards run makes champions rise. In his new book, The Benedict Option—A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation, Rod Dreher brings an urgent word, much like Dr. Trueblood years before, revealing our nation’s deep moral and spiritual crisis. READ MORE