Sources are indicating that the Syrian leadership has sent messages to Israel warning that any further strikes on targets within Syria’s borders will be returned with Scud rockets fired deep into the Jewish state! Reports are indicating that the Assad regime conveyed the message to Israel via Russian mediators. According to this troubling report, Syria has warned that Israeli strikes on Syrian military targets would be met with the firing of Scud missiles capable of carrying half a ton of explosives at Israeli Defense bases, while an attack on civilian targets would see Syria launching a counter strike on the Haifa port and the petrochemical plants in the area.

Excerpt From the Times of Israel:
The report warned that Syria has over 800 Scud missiles and that Syria would not issue any warnings before the missile strikes because Israel does not warn before it hits. On Wednesday, Israeli jets were reported to have carried out airstrikes near the Syrian capital of Damascus, hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue hitting weapons convoys and rebuffed claims Russia had ordered the strikes halted.