(By John Burton) The enemy is looking for a back door into the church—through worship teams. I’ll never forget an extremely powerful and disturbing experience I had when praying in a church many years ago. Both in Colorado Springs and Detroit, I had the privilege of giving some leadership to remarkable prayer movements. Every Friday from 10 p.m. until midnight, we would gather hungry people from the region to pray in tongues. We’d spread out and pray boldly through the sanctuary, on the

platform, in classrooms and outside. The roar of intercession was intense. The focus each week was to bless the ministry and to partner with them in their mission. At times, we’d have over 200 people squeezing into a property designed for 30. I was always thrilled when the pastor and his core team would show up in force. I was always confused when a secretary or janitor would unlock the door for us and then disappear into another part of the property. READ MORE