Christians campaigning for the release of two Sudanese pastors facing a potential death sentence are celebrating partial victory after one of the men was released, but others remain in prison facing serious charges. Christian Solidarity Worldwide reported on Tuesday that the Rev. Kuwa Shamal, one of four men on trial, has been released from prison after a judge found that there was no evidence against him.

Another pastor, the Rev. Hassan Abduraheem, remains in prison, however, on suspicion of committing national security crimes with the two other men. “CSW welcomes the judge’s decision to release Reverend Shamal after finding no evidence against him. However we are disappointed that the trial of Reverend Abduraheem, Mr. Jašek and Mr. Abdumawla continues despite being based on the same evidence that was deemed to be insufficient in Reverend Shamal’s case,” said CSW Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas. READ MORE